Our librarians face certain pressures due to shrinking budgets and growing user demands. Also, the advancement of technologies and telecommunications add to these pressures, it is important that librarians face these issues.

Groups/ consortiums originate from the coming together and collaboration of people or companies that have common interests.

Participating institutions must have:

I. Common objectives
II. Coordinated management from all participants.
III. Shared expenses.

Adequate strategies must be applied whenever libraries collaborate, this type of cooperation has been present within libraries for many years now. In the beginning it was a bit less formal, however, today library administrators take it into consideration more often.

If managed properly, cooperation projects have great potential and contribute in all areas of library management.

Cooperation helps all libraries within the group in the following aspects:

I. In times of economic crisis groups/consortiums help in the acquisition and selection of library materials by allowing them to buy at better prices. Cutting down on expenses by acquiring materials through special group buys is important.

II. On line efforts such as "Index Medicus Lanoamericano" or special databases contribute to the analysis of information and cataloging efforts. This saves time and efforts by taking advantage of what other libraries or online groups have already done.

III. Interlibrary loans, digital services or documentation are simplified through specialized services.

IV. In the development and evaluation of new library activities, such as personnel training (use of new technologies) and the advancement of digital services.

The Luis Enrique Erro Library works alongside the following networks and groups/consortiums, and hopes for their full cooperation.

1. CONACYT Center’s Libraries Networks (REDCBMEX)

2. IberoAmerican Science & Technology Education Consortium (ISTEC)

3. The Network of Mexican Digital Libraries (REBIDIMEX)

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